How to Make Frontal Ponytail?

Everyone can appreciate the elegant appearance of sleek ponytails. Ponytails are chic and hassle-free while still making your clients look like a total knock-out babe!

But most people aren’t fans of the possible hair damage it can have on their natural hair. Here is some good news for us all: frontal ponytail styles are here to help! 

You know about frontals and lace front wigs; now imagine it in ponytail form. Frontal ponytail styles are installed in the same manner as a lace front wig! It's a great way to wear sleek ponytails without damaging your natural hair.

Short Guide To Doing Your Frontal Ponytail

Step 1. Straighten your natural hair properly and make sure that your natural hair looks like the lace frontal you will be wearing. Create an ear-to-ear parting and apply your gel properly in the middle and front parts of your hair. As a sleek and shiny look is our goal, this part is quite important.

Step 2. Grab your comb and lay down everything properly. Take your brush to ensure that the hair is laid off and set all pretty, and spray spritz and brush your hair into the shape of a ponytail to achieve that gorgeous sleek look. After that, grab a hair tie and make a ponytail out of your natural hair.

Step 3. Wrap up your hair and sit under the dryer to let the style dry. Then you need to grab your lace frontal and set it on your head accordingly, cutting off the excess lace. Apply spritz to the area where you will be applying the glue and all, and then take an eyeliner to create a mark around your forehead with the help of your frontal. This mark will work as a guideline, and you need to apply your glue behind the mark.

Step 4. Apply the glue once properly and let it dry until it’s clear. Then go for the second round of glue application. Wait for it to turn clear as well, and when it’s done, grab your frontal and apply the lace. Press everything properly and grab your scissors to cut off the extra part of lace from your front and sides. Make sure to clean up the mark that you made earlier with your eyeliner.

Step 5. Untie the ponytail you made before, and combine your frontal with your natural hair. Give it the shape of a ponytail by brushing properly, and tie your ponytail again. Use the spritz again to set the look. At this point, you can style your edges and give them a super-cool appearance. You can cut off the extra length if the piece of hair is too long.

Step 6. Once the front part is styled beautifully, spray spritz again. Make a braid out of the ponytail you made earlier and tie the end in a properly secured way. Then add your favorite hair extension to the style. You can opt for a sew-in session around the braid with your extension. Around the base of the ponytail, you can wrap your extension using a bobby pin. When it reaches the end, attach a string at the end of the track and wrap the string around your ponytail to make sure it stays secure. Use bobby pins to secure everything properly as well.

Step 7. Take a piece of hair, apply your edge control gel to it and comb it out properly, and then wrap it around the base of your ponytail to achieve that natural look. And that’s it, your frontal ponytail is ready to be flaunted with style!

Frontal Ponytail 101


1. How Long Can I Keep My Frontal Ponytail In?

The sweet spot is 2 to 3 weeks, but you stretch it to 8 weeks max with some retouching. It’s best to keep it in the lower range though so that your hairline doesn’t go MIA or the glue starts to irritate your skin.

2. How Can I Blend The Frontal Ponytail Into My Hair If I Don’t Use Any Heat?

There are lots of ways to achieve this. The easiest one is simply just buying a frontal ponytail that matches your hair texture and color, to begin with.

But if you’re interested in rocking something different, then other options you can consider are:

① Using gel to slick down your own hair. ② Stretching your hair using heatless methods such as threading, but this method is only effective if your frontal ponytail’s texture isn’t silky. ③ Put in a braid where the hair from the frontal meets yours, so you don’t have a line of demarcation. ④ Do a double frontal ponytail.

3. Can I Install a Frontal Ponytail Myself?

Yeah, you can, but we don’t advise it. Because styling them requires a lot of skill when it comes to laying the lace and blending the textures, a lot of which happens at the back of your head, you’re much better off having a trusted stylist install it for you.

4. How’s The Maintenance Like On These?

Surprisingly low. They need just about as much maintenance as a lace front. So, you will have times when the lace will lift just a tad in some areas, just use your favorite freeze spray or glue to fix that. And just like your regular wigs, don’t swim in them.

5. How To Remove a Frontal Ponytail?

Depends on how your frontal ponytail was installed. First, take out the extension / bundle that formed the ponytail. Then, if you used glue, use a solvent to loosen the glue. If you used freeze spray or a water-soluble adhesive, use water. Once the adhesive has loosened, slowly lift the lace off of your hairline or wig cap, if you used the bald cap method.

5. What Is Needed for a Frontal Ponytail?

You’ll need:

A frontal (buy the best HD lace frontal to achieve flawless look)
Hair extensions for the actual ponytail e.g., braiding hair, bundles, clip-ins, etc
Gel/mousse/edge control/jam if you want to slick the hair


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