How to Sew In With Highlights On Your Wig?


Have you ever received a thin wig from an online store, Amazon or another supplier? Do you want to add some highlights into your wigIf the hair is good quality, don't return it. You can add hair to the wig to make it fuller and beautiful. This is a BEGINNER FRIENDLY tutorial of how to add tracks to your wig. Don't throw away your money sis!

What do you need?

  • Hair Bundles
  • Model Head
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Dying Materials (Optional)

You can order these materials on the internet.

How To Sew In The Bundles?

 A lace wig consists of two main parts: the weaving part and the lace part.  

The weaving part also consists of two main parts: net cap and hair curtain. One sews the hair curtain on the net cap. Here, hair bundles are sewn layer by layer. 

Now let's add the highlights to your wig:

Secure your wig on a mannequin using pins. Then sew the bundle to the back of the cap using a needle again. Sew each bundle at an upper position on the cap until you reach the lace frontal. If you are sewing the highlight bundles, we suggest you sew the bundle at the middle upper position of the weaving part, which will make the highlights look evener. Make some adjustments if it is necessary. And check the same on your head as well.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many highlights I should sew in?

It depends on the impression you want to achieve. Add more bundles if you want the highlights to be more conspicuous. We suggest you should add 50 gram hair at least.

2. What's the length of the bundles I should choose?

You can always sew in the bundles as the same length of your wig. But If your wig is full enough at the top but much thin at the end, then it will be cheaper to sew in 4 inch shorter bundles at the neck part of the cap.

3. Can I sew in the highlights with different texture?

Always keep in mind that all the hair in one wig should be in the same texture. So sew in the straight bundles on straight wig, sew in the wave bundles on wave wig.


Don’t know much about sew in?

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